Walker Fire Wet Chemical Extinguisher 6ltr

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Walker Fire Wet Chemical Extinguisher 6ltr

Model: WKF970

This 6ltr wet chemical fire extinguisher by Walker Fire effectively fights fires of classes A, B and F. With a steel cylinder and a polyethylene lining, this fire extinguisher ensures you get both optimum fire-fighting properties and great value for money. The Chrome plated brass ensures the extinguisher is tough-wearing and durable. Wet chemical fire extinguishers work by removing the heat of the fire, whilst creating a barrier between the oxygen and the fuel chemical, preventing reignition. Suitable for use on kitchen fires, for safe and reliable fire-fighting.


  • Design Standard EN3
  • Duration: 35 secs
  • Cylinder: Steel with polyethylene lining
  • Type: Stored Pressure
  • Valve: Chrome plated brass
  • Working Pressure: 13.5 bar
  • Safety valve: 22/27 bar
  • Finish: Epoxy Polyester Gloss
  • Pressure gauge: Removable for independent checking


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