Finex® Sterile Examination Gloves

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Finex® Sterile Examination Gloves

Model: POL751

These Finex® Sterile examination gloves by Polyco (LES100/xx) are powder free and composed of 100% natural rubber. This helps to prevent cross-contamination by providing a seamless barrier around the wearers' hands. The surface of the Finex® Sterile examination gloves is chlorinated, while the inside is coated in polymer, which work together to ensure the glove has a low level of potential allergens. The natural rubber hugs the hand, ensuring a close and comfortable fit with dexterity and flexibility.


  • 100% natural rubber
  • Powder free
  • Chlorinated outer coating
  • Polymer inner coating
  • Limited potential allergens
  • Close fitting

Freedom from Holes: AQL 1.5

Sterilisation: Gamma Irradiation -
minimum irradiation dose is 25KGY


Available in Blue, in sizes M - XL

Please be aware that the colours may vary slightly from the website, please contact us for more details

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